About us

5-erdves.lt - it's a virtual gallery of work from 5 authors. You can find and order our work in any of the following categories: jewelry, interior design, paintings, silk and many others.

Fate sometimes is generous, gathering like-minded into a single space. It has happened to our five. We've been sharing our thoughts, creative discoveries, joy, humour, warmth, and support ever since we first met.

We create visual and applied art and want to make our work available for others to see not only in exhibitions. Having the desire to share the beauty and joy of our creations, in 2007 we founded "5-erdves.lt".

Look at our work and don't hesitate to get in touch with us. And if you get inspirrf to reveal and develop your own creative talents, please contact us for individual lessons.

Have a wonderful inspiration!

Best wishes,
Ina, Inga, Jurate, Lina and Rasa