We will get in touch with you by email to discuss the details of your order and possible payment methods. We normally accept payments by direct bank transfer, PayPal or cash.

The item will be dispatched as soon as we get the payment.

If we don't have the item in stock, we will let you know how long it will take to make one.

Read more about shipping time and cost.

Payments from abroad

We recommend using the TansferGO service. It is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to transfer money from a foreign account to Lithuanian. The money will be delivered within 24 hours, and the transfer will cost just 0.99 EUR.

Shipping is paid by the buyer and the price depends on destination and weight of the package. It will ship in 2-3 days in Lithuania and up to a couple of weeks in other EU countries. Priority delivery available at an additional cost. Please contact for details.